2015: new records for the Maltese Aviation Industry


The Malta’s Aviation Industry recorded a steady growth throughout 2015. By the end of the year, 61 new aircraft were registered with Transport Malta, the authority responsible of transportation in Malta, while 6 new operators became certified. In addition to this expansion, more pilot and engineer licences were issued.

Currently, the Malta Aviation Register counts 213 aircraft and 28 operators.

The revision of the Aircraft Registration Act (Maltese aircraft legislation) in 2010, and the implementation of the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and its Aircraft Protocol was implemented in February 2011. Following these legislations, Malta has improved its service level to meet the high standards required by the industry. In turn, the Civil Aviation Directorate has also implemented various measures to improve its services.

In parallel to these legal changes, the success within the aviation industry is equally due to fiscal incentives introduced to facilitate aircraft leasing, owning and management operations.

How can we assist

Nexia BT can provide assistance for a portfolio of services in connection with the aviation industry in Malta, including: tax structuring, the incorporation of the appropriate corporate structures, registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages, coordination of aircraft financing transactions and administration, and acting as the resident agent in Malta on behalf of aircraft owners and operators.