Business Process Reengineering: A means of achieving competitive advantage


The concept of reengineering has been present in management theory since the early 19th century. Based on what Frederick Taylor suggested in the 1880’s, the purpose of reengineering is to make all your processes the best-in-class. From a modern management perspective, the aim of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is to analyse the way a company operates in order to implement the necessary changes to radically improve customer care and gain competitiveness. At the same time, this will allow for reduction in operational costs and improvement in bottom line profits.

The BPR activity involves organising activities and human resources, while making the best use of IT systems to support the strategic goals of the company. This is done with a forward looking approach, allowing the company to grow to its full potential. A radical approach is used, allowing ‘thinking outside the box’, so that the current ways of doing things do not limit opportunities to achieve substantial process improvements. Resistance to change can lead to failed BPR attempts and therefore a successful BPR project will incorporate a sufficiently robust change management and implementation plan, which involves the most important aspect for securing the project’s success, that is, employee buy-in. This should form an integral part of the process through collaborative interaction with employees throughout the BPR project.

BPR should form part of a strategic plan, placing the customer at the core of the BPR exercise and leveraging IT as a competitive tool. Companies that become market leaders manage to implement BPR as a continuous process improvement tool in order to remain at the forefront of their respective markets. This is what BPR is all about. 

About the author

Anton Dalli is a manager within the Specialist Advisory department, providing a portfolio of Advisory Services including Business Process Reengineering and Succession Planning. He has over 20 years of practical industry experience in the FMCG industry which he has gained through holding various Top Management positions.


Anton Dalli

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