Malta Individual Investor Programme


About Malta

  • A republic island situated at the centre of the Mediterranean
  • Politically and economically stable
  • Higher economic growth than most EU countries
  • Member of the EU since 2004
  • Commonwealth Member State
  • Part of the Schengen area

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) grants:

  • Maltese citizenship
  • Visa-free travel to over 168 countries including the US
  • Right of establishment in Switzerland and all EU countries
  • Right to own a second home in Malta

Eligibility criteria of the Malta Individual Investor Programme

  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Eligibility may also extend to applicants’ dependents including spouses or partners in a relationship, children and other immediate family members
  • Being a resident of Malta for at least 12 months preceding the day of the issuance of the certificate of naturalisation
  • Ownership of a residential property in accordance with IIP regulations
  • Applicants must commit to invest in stocks, bonds, debentures, special purpose vehicles or to make other investments in accordance with the IIP regulations


In adherence to procedures stipulated by the Government of Malta, all applicants will be subject to due diligence scrutiny and expected to:

  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Not have been denied a visa to a country with which Malta has visa-free travel arrangements
  • Not be deemed a potential national security risk, have a reputational risk or are subject to criminal proceedings.

In addition, candidates will incur the below fees, which are payable to the respective authorities:

Contribution Fees Due diligence
Main Applicant  € 650,000 € 7,000
Spouse € 25,000 € 5,000
Parents over 55 years of age and unmarried children between 18 and 26 years’ old  € 50,000 € 5,000
Children under 18 years of age € 25,000 € 3,000

Passport fees and bank charges

Passport € 500 per person
Bank Charges € 200 per person

Procedures and time frames

Once the application is approved, the applicant is notified through a Letter of Approval, the following documents must be provided within 4 months:
  • • Evidence of global health insurance policy and a declaration of capacity to retain such a policy indefinitely
  • • Proof of either acquired immovable property in Malta (minimum € 350,000); or of leased immovable property in Malta (minimum annual rent of € 16,000)
  • • Documents showing the main applicant made other investments in Malta in accordance with IIP regulations to a value of € 150,000.

Dual Citizenship

The Maltese Citizenship Act does not provide for any restrictions on dual citizenship in Malta.


For further information please contact:

Karl Cini | Partner |

Tim Dambrauskas | Director |

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