Nexia BT at TRI Summit, Rome


Recently, Anita Aloisio and Anton Dalli, from the Specialist Advisory Services practice of Nexia BT, participated in the Nexia Turnaround Restructuring Insolvency (TRI) Summit held in Rome, Italy. The event gathered numerous associates of the Nexia International network from around the globe.

Company restructuring, turnarounds and insolvency options and case studies were the theme of the TRI Summit. As a new member to the TRI Summit, Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited was invited to present the services offered in Malta. Anita Aloisio, the Partner leading the advisory services in Malta presented the innovative hands-on and holistic approach adopted by the Malta team to assist companies in gaining competitive advantage.

These meetings are an integral part of the Nexia International strategy, during which experts from around the Nexia International network come together and work to provide cohesive, customised services to solve and advise their respective customers on wealth creation and preservation. Cross-border opportunities was also discussed and explored during the Rome forum.

Nexia Turnaround Restructuring Insolvency (TRI) Summit

Nexia Turnaround Restructuring Insolvency (TRI) Summit