Restoration of the timber ceiling at the Sacra Infermeria made possible with Nexia BT collaboration


The restoration of the original timber ceiling of the prestigious 14th century Sacra Infermeria Hall, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC), will be made possible through the successful sourcing of European Union funding, specifically through the European Regional and Development Fund (ERDF). The project, which will cost a total of €796,466, will also involve the restoration of a spiral staircase leading to the roof of the building giving access to the magnificent harbour view. 

The project has been lauded by the Ministry for Tourism, which has recognised the importance of this upgrade as a means of attracting cultural and architectural enthusiasts visiting the Maltese Islands every year; who would now be provided with the opportunity of admiring the traditional timberwork, unique in its kind in Malta. In addition, the roof of the Sacra Infermeria shall offer magnificent views of the surrounding harbour as well as the towns of Senglea, Vittoriosa and Kalkara to the high number of incoming cruise ship passengers who, due to time constraints, more often than not limit their sight-seeing to Valletta and its immediate vicinity.

This restoration will be made possible also thanks to the consultancy work provided by Nexia BT. The advisory team was behind the success of acquiring the funds for the restoration. The team led the write-up of a detailed ERDF application which successfully convinced the project selection committee of the importance of this project, its realistic project implementation and delivery, and the tangibility of its results. Through the joint effort of the Nexia BT team and the client’s cooperation, working committedly side by side with client staff to reach the challenging deadlines whilst ensuring that the write-up of the ERDF application was of the highest standards; this will be the first time ever that the majestic views of the Grand Harbour will be made accessible from MCC’s roof. A total amount of €675,006 from ERDF was allocated to the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

A representative from MCC had the following comment on their experience of working with Nexia BT; “I am literally amazed that Nexia were able to read our minds and come up with a strong case within such a tight deadline, the result of which was the attainment of a €675,006 ERDF grant. A project that will restore a piece of our unique history for the admiration of all. Well done to the professional, knowledgeable team and their can-do attitude, with whom I look forward to work with again in the near future.”

Nexia BT can assist you in identifying the funding schemes which are most adequate in scope for your entity. In addition, we also provide you with advisory services in order to successfully source funding, such as strengthening your project idea, identifying possible collaborations with local or international partners and writing-up the project proposal. We also offer project-management services throughout the duration of the project life-cycle in order to make sure that the intended targets and results are obtained in a timely manner.

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