The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) held its second annual MSE investor education conference


The Malta Stock Exchange has recently held its second annual investor education conference to raise awareness on the importance of financial literacy among local investors.

During the conference, Prof Edward Scicluna, Minister for Finance, explained some challenges faced by local financial institutions, such as the practice of de-risking, having a negative impact on investment in several EU member states.

During his speech, he highlighted that, since the MSE’s foundation 25 years ago, MSE held over €18bn of new equities and bonds reaching more than 75,000 investors on the exchange today. He continued by saying that some matters need to be addressed in order for it to grow and place the Maltese archipelago in a strategic position - that of inducing investments and encourage the installation of new local and foreign businesses. In view of this, a national capital markets strategic plan was developed and is being subjected to public consultation. 

MSE Chairman, Joseph Portelli, and several distinguished speakers from local leading institutions also addressed the conference.

The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE)

The Malta Stock Exchange was founded through the Malta Stock Exchange Act in 1990, and started its operations in 1992. It is now a fully-fledged regulated market which successfully fulfils its role as an effective venue to raise capital finance.

MSE provides a structure for admission of financial instruments to its recognised lists which may be traded on a regulated, transparent and orderly market place (secondary market). Main participants in this market are issuers, stock exchange members (stockbrokers), and investors in general. 

Apart from admission and trading, it also offers back–office services such as maintenance of bond and share registers, clearing and settlement and custody services through its Central Securities Depository (CSD). 

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