Directors and Company secretary

    Every public company must have at least two directors whereas every private company must have at least one director. A director need not be a shareholder of the company. Private exempt companies cannot have corporate directors.

    Every company must have a company secretary. The company secretary is the company official charged with ensuring that the company observes all the provisions of the Companies Act. Accordingly, the company secretary must, inter alia, keep the register of shareholders in order; take down the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Meetings of the shareholders; ensure that the Registrar of Companies is notified with documents according to Law, including the Annual Return; notify the shareholders and directors of the date, place and time of meetings etc.

    All companies must appoint a company secretary. In a private exempt company only, the sole director may also act as company secretary. The company secretary must be a natural person. If required, our Firm offers company secretary services.