Clients who change programmes

    Q1. If an MRVP Beneficiary decides to change to the Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP), will the €30,000 contribution be deduced from the IIP fees?

    No. The €30,000 fee paid for MRVP is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Q2. Can a client change his/her IIP application over to the MRVP? As yet, the client has not submitted his IIP Citizenship application, however he has already obtained his/her 18-month residence card via the IIP.

    Yes, as long as the full MRVA process will be followed. All MRVP fees contemplated in L.N.288 of 2015 will remain in force.

    Q3. If an Applicant already holds a residence permit through another scheme but wishes to apply for the MRVP, would he still be required to submit new residence forms i.e. Form K, Form ID 1A & Form ID 2?

    Yes the Applicant would be required to submit new residence application forms to MRVA. The Applicant’s documentation submitted for previous permits should have no bearing on the MRVA application.

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