Commission to Concessionaire

    Q1. Can an RAP/RAA introduce an Applicant who is a national of a country which forms part of a concession?

    RAP/RAA may introduce Applicants from any country, even if a concessionaire has been awarded the concession of the Applicant’s country.

    Q2. If the Applicant comes through an RAP/RAA and not from the concessionaire, will the concessionaire be granted a commission from the Applicant’s contribution or will MRVA/the Government keep the whole investor contribution and not distribute any amount to the concessionaire, because he did not introduce the Applicant?

    The Concessionaire is still entitled to a commission if and when a client in the Concessionaire’s region, referred by an RAP/RAA, acquires the relevant residence certificate.

    Q3. Is the RAP/RAA entitled to a commission?

    In terms of regulation 12 (9) of the Malta Residency and Visa Regulations (S.L 217.18), Identity Malta hereby notifies that effective as of 1st September 2018, it is prescribing 5% from the contribution fee paid by the Main Applicant to be paid to the approved agent, or accredited person appointed by the applicant following the issuance of a certificate.
    Accredited agents or persons appointed by the Main Applicant are required to forward an invoice to the Malta Residency Visa Agency by not later than the third week following the issuance of the Certificate of Residency for the payment of the 5% commission on the entire contribution fee paid.
    The invoice should include the date of Issuance of the Certificate, The Certificate Number, the Application Number and the Main Applicant’s Name and Surname. The invoice should also include the VAT.

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