For how long shall we keep your data?

    Why shall we keep your data?

    This would depend on the service you are receiving from us. We may have a legal obligation to retain your data for a number of years. However, as a minimum, we shall keep your data for 5 years following the termination of your business relationship with us. In some cases, we may be legally obliged to keep your data for 10 years. We shall not retain your data for longer than is required, either by law or by our data retention policy.

    If you have visited our registered office, our CCTV recordings will be kept for up to 1 month before being overwritten automatically.

    How shall we destroy your data after the retention period is over?

    We shall destroy your data in a safe and reliable manner. Physical files shall be destroyed by means of shredding. Shredding services may be outsourced to third parties. Nexia BT shall ensure that if shredding is outsourced to third parties, the Group shall review their data privacy procedures and safeguard the interest of the data subjects through ways and means such as through a contractual agreement between Nexia BT as data controller and the shredding company as data processors in line with Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation. For the removal of any doubt, this would only apply if Nexia BT group provides non-shredded data to the shredding service provider. If shredding is done in-house, then the shredding service provider will not be considered as a data processor.

    In the case of data stored in digital format, such data shall be permanently deleted. This would include any backups held on servers and/or cloud.

    Communication between the client and the Group shall be deleted or destroyed.

    Should the Group be required to change one or more of its hard disks where data is, or was previously stored, the Group shall ensure that such hard disk is disposed of in a professional manner and in a way that data cannot be retrieved from it in the future.