Licensing Process

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    The licensing process for obtaining a Remote Gaming Licence involves the submission of an application form and other relevant documentation where the MGA assesses whether an applicant:

    1. Is fit and proper to conduct gaming business;
    2. Is correctly prepared from a business strategy perspective;
    3. Has the operational and statutory requirements to meet the legal obligations expected by Maltese Law; and
    4. Implements what has been applied for, on a technical environment before going live and successfully completes the systems audit.

    Before commencing operations, the licensee must appoint a Key Official who must be approved by the MGA as fit and proper.  The Key Official, who must also be a director of the company, acts as the primary point of contact with the MGA, who personally supervises the operations of the licensee and ensures that the licensee is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations or any conditions issued by the MGA.