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Nexia BT Office Inauguration

//Nexia BT Office Inauguration

Nexia BT Office Inauguration

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Mr Brian Tonna, managing partner of the firm, is confident that this move to the new 1,000 square metre penthouse offices was a necessary step to provide expansion space and improved facilities for the growing workforce to be able to continue servicing the firm’s expanding client base in the best possible manner.

Dr. Muscat mentioned how this group has grown not just in numbers but also in tailored services related to the financial and economic industry. It has been added that Nexia BT’s efforts to specialise in several sectors, including aviation and maritime, can be seen as a potential business diversification which leads to new employment opportunities.

Mr Tonna highlighted an innovative concept, which the firm is referring to as Turnkey BT. This concept aims at emulating the turnkey concept used in the construction industry and transposing it to the financial services, gaming and aviation industry. Nexia BT is now providing a service whereby project promoters can entrust the firm, with finding the right partners and/or service providers, with teams which would include not only accountants, consultants, lawyers and other financial service providers, but also specialized technical people and organisations like architects, engineers and other professionals, as the project may enquire.

It has been added that Nexia BT remains committed towards job creation and especially towards providing on-the-job training to University and ACCA accounting students. The firm currently employs sixty people, including fifteen ACCA trainees working full time and six University students working part-time. Mr Tonna mentioned that in October of this year, Nexia BT will also be hosting the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) Tax conference of Nexia International. This conference will also provide the possibility for over seventy participants to learn about the prospects available in Malta while discussing general topics of interest related to international tax.