Payment of taxation

    The payment of Personal Tax can be mainly carried out by three systems, namely:

    • The Provisional Tax system,
    • The Final Settlement System (FSS) or
    • By means of the Self-Assessment

    Provisional Tax

    Individuals engaged in a trade, business, profession or vocation are liable for the payment of taxation under the Provisional Tax (PT) system whereby taxation due for a particular year is payable during the same year. PT is paid in three installments during the year and the amount of PT due is calculated on the tax due by the individual in the benchmark year.

    The FSS (Final Settlement System)

    Individuals in receipt of a salary or wage are liable for the payment of taxation under the The Final Settlement System (FSS) whereby the payor of the income deducts tax payments from the monthly wage of the employee.

    Other tax payments under the Self-Assessment taxation system

    Other taxation due by an individual in Malta not already paid under the PT or FSS is due to be collected by 30th June of the year following which the income has been received.