MRVP Residence Permit

    Q1. How will Beneficiary and dependents show that they have been away from Malta for the stipulated period?

    This obligation is no longer required.

    Q2. Can a foreigner ever apply for the acquisition of Maltese Citizenship by naturalization?

    Yes, a foreigner may submit an application for the acquisition of Maltese Citizenship by naturalization after continuously residing in Malta for a period of five years. He/she should have resided in Malta throughout the twelve months immediately before the date of application and four years out of the preceding six-year period. He has to be knowledgeable in spoken/written English & Maltese, of sound mind and of good conduct.
    The Minister has the discretion, according to the Law, to grant or refuse the application. It does not, therefore, mean that if such person satisfies the said conditions he/she would be automatically granted citizenship by naturalization. The Minister’s decision is based on internal policies, whereby amongst other requirements, the number of years could also be a feature in the examination of the relative request.

    Q3. Is a minimum presence required in Malta on the part of the Applicants? Are no days spent in Malta allowed?

    There is no minimum presence required.

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