Industry Support Measures

    The materialisation of business concepts and the execution of projects often requires more than private funding. Various sources of funding may be sought in order to provide for all of the outlays that such investments would entail. Possible funding sources include bank finance, crowd-funding, business-angel funding, government funding and European Union funding.

    Nexia BT can assist you in identifying the sources which are most adequate for your entity to set up, expand, innovate and access new markets. Our staff keeps abreast of the various industry support measures that are introduced from time to time by the Government and intermediate bodies such as Malta Enterprise, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Employment and Training Corporation as well as funding programmes issued by the European Commission.

    In addition we also provide you with advisory services in order to successful source funding, such as strengthening your project idea, identifying possible collaborations with local or international partners and writing-up the project proposal. We also offer project-management services throughout the duration of the project life-cycle in order to make sure that the intended targets and results are obtained in a timely manner.