Key Contacts

    Following a move to onshore in 1994, its European Union membership in 2004 and adhesion in the Eurozone in 2008, Malta has become a jurisdiction of choice in various economic sectors for international clients, both corporate and individual. Malta’s transformation into a reputable international centre has been one of the fastest and most noticeable changes in recent decades. Maltese banks are some of the safest credit institutions in the world. Indeed, the World Economic Forum has rated the local banks as the 10th soundest in the 2015-2016 Global Competitiveness Index.

    The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) is a reputable stock exchange which has received recognition from a number of leading stock exchanges. Malta’s equity market has been included in the FTSE’s Global Equity Index Series (GEIS) since 2010. In addition, the MSE has equally been granted recognition by the UK tax authorities and it has been granted ‘recognised exchange’ status by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

    The Republic of Malta continues to offer a wide range of possible assets to individuals, their families, structures, trustees and other financial and private wealth advisers wishing to relocate or base their operations here. As a leading provider of financial services to clients throughout Malta and beyond, we work with our clientele to create integrated solutions across all their related financial and business matters. Whether our clients are based in Malta or abroad, we can provide them with a full range of services to those clients as their lives and operations develop internationally. With the creation of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA), which removes the distinctions between local and cross-border payment, clients are able to benefit further from the various existing opportunities of the Single European Market.

    Our clientele has interests in multiple jurisdictions, often involving complex international structures. Our services are tailored to match their needs in Malta with those located in foreign jurisdictions. Our network of contacts ensures that not only our clients’ tax position is considered, but also their wider commercial and personal needs. We have a wide range of contacts in areas such as property consultancy, legal advice, independent financial advice and private banking, with whom we are able to make introductions for any client specific request to ensure expertise fitting their requirements.

    Nexia BT staff has extensive knowledge of the Maltese tax legislation, particularly concerning the taxation of non-Maltese domiciled individuals and businesses having a presence in Malta. Another key advantage is Malta’s extensive network of double tax treaties with almost all the important OECD countries, where our tax experts can provide further help and assistance. Further information is available under ‘Tax Advisory Services’.

    Our team provides a comprehensive service to international clients and its services are also extended to facilitate any specific requirements the client may have in Malta. Our services in these areas are listed in the section ‘International Client Services’.