Advisory Services

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    Nexia BT Business Advisory Services Limited is the specialist advisory arm of the firm providing tailor made solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements. This section falls under the direction of the firm’s managing partner, Brian Tonna who leads a team of over 20 professionals.

    The Advisory arm at Nexia BT strives to offer its services to forward-looking enterprises who are seeking specialist advice to help consolidate their position in the market or to help them underpin future expansion opportunities. The team’s considerable knowledge and expertise in financial and operational management will ensure that changes are based on a sound financial and operational structure.

    The department’s main areas of specialisation are the following:

    Corporate Finance Services

    Our corporate finance team assists clients in identifying projects which add value and increase wealth. We conduct a thorough evaluation of the impact of internal and external factors, including changing trends in both the short and long-term, mapping out new growth strategies and portfolio mix options.

    Transaction Advisory Services

    The pursuit of growth is a complex task. At times, it is easy to get caught up in a busy schedule, making it difficult to focus and make concrete plans to explore new opportunities. Ideas need to be tested as entrepreneurs need the comfort that financial and operational assumptions are validated as a measure of success.

    All this can be achieved through the work carried out by our Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) specialists. Combining an in-depth analysis of the target business and its position in the market, we devise a road map for the successful closure of a deal.

    Risk Advisory

    Given the constant changes in the business world, an entity’s success relies on effective risk management practices which proactively anticipate and mitigate evolving risks. This foresight allows management to take the necessary steps to adapt business practices to counteract new risks and subsequently execute informed decisions which can transform risks into potential opportunities and development.

    Business Process Transformation

    Through our BPT services, we seek to cultivate, a forward-looking approach to organizing and aligning activities and human resources with your company’s strategic goals.

    Prospects for SMEs

    The Malta Stock Exchange has recently introduced Prospects, a new platform that gives access to SMEs to raise finance on the capital market. Accredited by the MSE as a Corporate Advisor, Nexia BT will assist interested SMEs in applying for admission to Prospects. See the benefits and eligibility criteria in our fact sheet and contact us for an introductory meeting to explain the process and map out a way forward.

    IT Advisory Services

    Information Technology (IT) is a challenging field which, if managed well, can be a valuable asset to any company. On the other hand, making an uninformed decision in an IT strategy can lead to lost revenues and operational inefficiencies.

    Organizations which recognise and understand the importance of leveraging IT have the potential of achieving significant growth and competitive advantage.