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    Want to grow your business? But insufficient funds are stopping you?

    Nexia BT can help you access EU funds to help you accomplish whatever is on your mind.

    Let us explain to you how:

    The European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 allows for part-financing of a total of €51 million in grants which have been allocated under the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes. If you have a business then this money can help you expand it.

    In order to be eligible for funding, the project has to be submitted for the approval of the Managing Authority before being implemented.You can use these grant schemes to undertake investment projects aiming at securing your business growth.

    These schemes can help you in becoming more competitive, innovative and more resilient to market challenges.

    **The approval of the grant is at the sole discretion of the relevant authorities.

    What Are The EU Grant Schemes?

    Well, there are 7 schemes which you can benefit from with specific financing options varying between 20% to 50% of the eligible expenditure.

    The scheme-specific grants can range between €5,000 to €500,000.

    Except for the Start-up Investment Grant Scheme which is only available for micro and small enterprises.

    For all the other 6 schemes, it doesn't matter if you have a micro, small or a medium-sized enterprise, you can benefit from these schemes wholesome.

    The Top EU Grant 5 Schemes

    1. Start-up Investment Grant Scheme
    2. SME Growth Grant Scheme
    3. SME Diversification & Innovation Grant 
    4. SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme
    5. SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme

    1. Start-up Investment Grant Scheme

    The Start-up Investment Grant scheme - the name says it all.

    Make the most from this scheme by boosting all of your innovative ideas and overcome all the economic early-stage challenges.

    If eligible, you can get a grant of 50% i.e. a maximum allowance value of about €300,000 by part-financing your expenditure. Be it in the initial productive investment cost in movable OR immovable assets.

    Don't let money hold you back in implementing your business growth strategies.

    Eligible Costs Include: 

    • Domain name registration 
    • Hosting fees
    • Content Management System (CMS) software including required licenses
    • E-Commerce website and/or Mobile Application design in line with the brand identity of the organisation
    • Shopping cart integration 
    • Other set up fees ( including setting up and configuration of the CMS system, system design, customization and development, integration with payment system/s, implementations of the required security features, testing and go live). 

    If your business does not qualify under the start-up status there is another scheme you can benefit from:

    2. SME Growth Grant Scheme

    The SME Growth Grant Scheme can help you respond to market demands quickly with a maximum grant of €500,000 so that you can undertake timely interventions.

    You can part-finance your eligible expenditure related to initial investments in movable and immovable assets.

    If you are a micro/small enterprise, you can get aid for about 30% and if you are a medium enterprise then its 20%.

    But remember this scheme is only for growth strategies related to the extension of the capacity of an existing establishment, or the setting up of a new establishment.

    Eligible Costs Include: 

    • Leasing/rental of private operational premises 
    • Construction/up-grades on premises
    • Purchasing of equipment, machinery &plant
    • Patents & licenses 

    There is another scheme which can be advantageous for you:

    3. SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme

    The SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme, which has a maximum grant of €200,000 can help you to develop focused strategies and implement an initial investment in favour of diversification and fundamental changes.

    Not just that, you can also use it towards investment to bring to the market significantly improved and advanced products/services.

    All of this can be done by 50% part-financing your eligible expenditure.

    Eligible Costs Include: 

    • Leasing of private operational premises
    • Construction/up-grades on Private operational premises
    • Purchasing of equipment, machinery and plant
    • Patents & licenses 

    Additionally, if you qualify, your wage costs of a change Manager employed specifically through the project can also be taken care off.

    4. SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme


    Consultancy has become a constant element supporting enterprises in their decision-making in a globally competitive environment.

    It is typical of SMEs to have finite resources at their disposal to assist them in their decision making to embark on investment initiatives, and in evaluating their growth and competitive potential. This deficit presents a dependency on outsourcing consultancy services.

    The SME Consultancy Service Grant Scheme aims to support Small and Medium Enterprises by part-financing their expenditure for consultancy services procured from external consultancy service providers for the development of:

    • Business Plan
    • Feasibility Study
    • Organisation and Operations Review
    • Process and Systems Review

    5. SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme


    To participate in International Business Promotion Fairs held outside Malta. Aimed at the internationalization of the Undertaking by introducing their products/services to new markets and by strengthening their international market presence.

    Eligible Actions

    Active participation in International Business Promotion Fairs held outside Malta where active participation means having a stand and exhibiting products/services at the fair.

    The incentive supports SMEs actively participating in International Business Promotion Fairs, by covering part of the costs required to set-up and run a stand to exhibit their products/services, by covering a number of costs items including travel costs and per dime for up to 2 employees/directors of the Enterprise up to fixed thresholds

    Eligible Costs

    ● Participation fee
    ● Rental of the exhibition space/stand
    ● Costs related to the construction and setting-up of the stand
    ● Travel Costs
    ● Per Diem
    ● Design and printing of branding material
    ● Shipment of exhibits



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    **The approval of the grant is at the sole discretion of the relevant authorities.

    The EU has several different funding programmes that you may be able to apply for, depending on the nature of your business or project. The allocation of direct funding capital is managed by the European Institutions.