SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme

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    To participate in International Business Promotion Fairs held outside Malta. Aimed at the internationalization of the Undertaking by introducing their products/services to new markets and by strengthening their international market presence.

    Eligible Actions

    Active participation in International Business Promotion Fairs held outside Malta where active participation means having a stand and exhibiting products/services at the fair.
    The incentive supports SMEs actively participating in International Business Promotion Fairs, by covering part of the costs required to set-up and run a stand to exhibit their products/services, by covering a number of costs items including travel costs and per dime for up to 2 employees/directors of the Enterprise up to fixed thresholds

    Eligible Costs

    ● Participation fee
    ● Rental of the exhibition space/stand
    ● Costs related to the construction and setting-up of the stand
    ● Travel Costs
    ● Per Diem
    ● Design and printing of branding material
    ● Shipment of exhibits

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