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    The financial controller is a catalyst in steering and directing the company towards the desired goal of the entity. S/he holds a fiduciary role, working parallel to other departments within the company in developing and assisting financial and non-financial targets.

    Nexia BT’s financial controller service provides an important management tool for decision-making. We provide you and the management team with the right insight to deliver the planned result both on the short and long-term perspectives through profit maximization, market segmentation, and goodwill retention.

    Our outsourcing service is made-to-measure, based on your requirements, the industry in which you operate and the expertise needed. We guarantee a hands-on approach in cash flow planning, finance procuring, tax adherence, payroll management, mergers, group structuring, project-based consultancy, interim advice, and the provision of management accounts and projections.

    This service will be your indispensable tool, which will guide your organization through the all-important early stages of business growth.

    Our services

    Through our financial controller services, your firm will immediately gain access to top-tier professionals who have the experience and financial acumen to help you achieve your firm’s goals. Our team works closely with you to provide the appropriate level of assistance for your existing operations.

    Whether you need temporary assistance to help your business stay strong during transitional periods, or if you are seeking a permanent solution, we can provide the right structures that allow you to focus more on your core business functions.

    Who is it for?

    This outsourcing service will benefit your business venture, as the flexibility of its nature will allow us to adapt to a variety of firm-specific conditions or any particular industry circumstances. This service will be of great benefit to businesses in need of:

    • Business growth guidance: We will work as a team together with management to anticipate your key requirements at every stage of business growth
    • Project-based consultancy: Project-based expertise may be offered at any stage of your business’ project, from conceptual stage through commissioning stage
    • Interim and flexible service: our financial controller service is also available on an interim basis, where financial management and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise may be offered to reinforce your executive teams in that critical moment.


    As one of the leading providers of accounting and consulting services on the island, our portfolio ranges over an array of diverse industries.


    Non-Profit Organisations

    Technology & Life Science

    Transport & Automotive


    Financial Institutions

    Private Equity




    Professional Services


    Real Estate



    To maximize your resources, you need a business advisor who understands your strengths and supports your entire operation. At Nexia BT, we offer a multitude of outsourcing services that make it easier for you to focus on your core functions. Our professionals go beyond traditional bookkeeping to provide the accounting, tax and CFO resources to help you stay compliant with reporting regulations while maintaining the efficiency that you need to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, including:

    • Provision of accurate and comprehensive financial information to executive management for long-term financial strategizing;
    • Assessment of risk, efficiency and policy decisions;
    • Provision of crucial financial data for collective evaluation together with executive management, and facilitating coordination of all financial planning functions with business operations;
    • Maintaining separation of duties to ensure checks and balances in the system;
    • Completion of all statutory returns and other ad-hoc reports as required; and
    • Training of existing accounts staff (if any) to provide more efficient accounting information.


    Advantages are numerous but mostly grouped into:

    • Financial leadership and structure;
    • Assistance in obtaining financing;
    • Implementation of protocols;
    • Strategic planning;
    • Cash flow management;
    • Modeling forecasting and budgeting;
    • Payroll management;
    • Financial planning and analysis;
    • Merger and due diligence;
    • Financial reporting and account management;
    • Company valuations;
    • Overseeing the accounting department; and
    • Profit Improvement and cost reduction.