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    Why outsource payroll?

    At Nexia BT, we offer a solution to your human resources and payroll management, allowing you to free your schedule from such administrative tasks and focus on the projects that add value and effectiveness to your business.

    Our team of trained professionals are focused on easing discussions about complex payroll issues with competent local authorities. By fulfilling all your business’ payroll needs, a complex and time-consuming task is made simple and efficient by our team of experts. We maintain high levels of data security that ensures that your data is protected.

    We understand that trust is the name of the game. By choosing to work with us, you are assured that your business is managed by experienced professionals dedicated to processing your payroll efficiently and confidentially, at a top-level standard and in full compliance with tax legislation.

    With new mandates regularly being enforced, we stay abreast on the latest legislation and statutory requirements, through constant internal and external training. By leveraging our strategic knowledge and practise in this field, Nexia BT can guide your business to realign its practices and processes with the corporate vision to create a holistic approach.


    Payroll processing

    Our services entail:

    • Collection and input data and periodic changes;
    • Handling joiners, leavers or any changes to employees, renumeration, hours, benefits, etc
    • Managing the payroll and calculate employees’ salaries;
    • Providing employees with computed printed payslips or send monthly payslips electronically;
    • Arranging the net salary payments to each employee’s bank account;
    • Submitting the monthly statutory reports and manage the settlements of any resultant dues;
    • Submitting the director’s tax return, individuals’ provisional tax and national insurance; and
    • Preparing year-end payroll reporting procedures.

    Payroll administration and related advice

    Additionally, our team can assist to define your human resources targets and to achieve them. Our services encompass:

    • Compiling the necessary employment forms for new recruits and terminated employees
    • Preparing employment license applications
    • Maintaining personal files
    • Handling all communication with competent authorities
    • Resolving questions as they arise
    • Reporting issues by exception
    • Recording vacation leave and any other absence such as maternity, sick, etc
    • Keeping you updated with the latest employment legislation and related tax updates
    • Assisting with a net of tax payroll calculations
    • Advising on fringe benefit considerations and calculations of the relevant tax impact
    • Assisting employees with children allowance applications
    • Guiding you on pension queries.