Prospects for SMEs

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    Prospects for SMEs

    It is typical for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to experience constraints to grow organically or through merger or acquisition due to limited cash flow and access to cost-effective capital.

    The Malta Stock Exchange has recently introduced Prospects, a new platform that gives access to SMEs to raise finance on the capital market.

    Find out more about accessing the Capital Market through Prospects MTF here.

    Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited C 49892, is a Corporate Advisor duly recognized by the Malta Stock Exchange, and in carrying out its obligations relating to Prospects, it shall at all times adhere to the requirements and provisions of the Prospects Rule Book as published and as may be updated by the

    Malta Stock Exchange from time to time.

    Whilst undertaking any activity relating to Prospects and during its servicing any clients as Corporate Advisor Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited shall ensure to maintain independence, impartiality and objectivity. All personnel shall carry out their duties in a proper and professional manner, in accordance with the applicable code of professional ethics and in accordance with the Nexia BT Firm Internal Policy.

    While all steps and precaution shall be taken in order to avoid any conflict or breach of obligation towards any Clients, Investors or The Malta Stock Exchange, if any such conflict arises, Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited undertakes to duly inform and publish such conflict immediately and take all steps necessary as guided by the Malta Stock Exchange to ratify or regularise such position.

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