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    1. Introduction
    2. Mergers and Acquisitions
    3. Market Intelligence Solutions
    4. Business valuations
    5. Financial Due Diligence
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    The pursuit of growth is a complex task. At times, it is easy to get caught up in a busy schedule, making it difficult to focus and make concrete plans to explore new opportunities. Ideas need to be tested as entrepreneurs need the comfort that financial and operational assumptions are validated as a measure for success.

    All this can be achieved through the work carried out by our Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) specialists. Combining an in-depth analysis of the target business and its position in the market, we devise a road map for the successful closure of a deal.


    Our Services

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    It is recognised that mergers and acquisition “M&A” transactions typically raise complex and risky issues. Although price remains a key determining factor for acquirers and sellers, various other elements must be considered for a deal to be closed. Our skilled transaction advisory team will create shareholder value through the pursuit of a successful M&A strategy, offering clear, objective, and practical advice throughout the deal process. In addition to this, leveraging on our extensive local and global network, our professionals bring together both strategic investors and investment opportunities.


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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Market Intelligence Solutions

    We will complement your market knowledge with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your existing and potential markets, customer base and competition, providing a 360-degree perspective. We will achieve this by using a mix of primary and secondary research tools to gain insight to help us profile and navigate through a pool of potential ventures.


    Industry Profiling and Market Analysis
    • Industry overview and outlook;
    • Research on the industry’s potential for growth and further development; and
    • Customer analysis.
    Country Analysis and Risk Assessment
    • Analysis and presentation of data about potential investment opportunities overseas;
    • Identification of investment opportunities; and
    • Identification of the potential risks during business expansion.
    Business Competitor Analysis
    • Overview of operations, product portfolio, market share, marketing strategies, differential strategies and potential future plans;
    • Derivation of key financial indicators and analysis of financial ratios; and
    • Derivation of market share by competitor.

    Business valuations

    Our approach to valuing businesses involves a multi-dimensional examination of the business, including a thorough analysis of the pertinent operational, financial, industry and economic data. Valuation requires the skilful amalgamation of fundamental analysis with industry experience and sound professional judgement.

    Equity Valuation Valuation of businesses operating in various sectors, which may be at different stages of development and growth. In undertaking valuation engagements, our team members analyse the profits of your business by looking at the underlying fundamentals of the sector and the respective macro environment.
    Valuation of Funds Independent valuation services of the underlying businesses of unlisted investments funds for the purpose of computing the net asset value of the fund.
    Opinion on Third
    Party Valuations
    Review of valuations undertaken by third parties in order to ensure the reasonableness of the assumptions of the valuation report.



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    Financial Due Diligence

    Our professionals are experienced and well-trained to provide investors with an independent, well-structured and informative financial assessment that gives a clear and cohesive picture of the target investment or business. Through our team’s knowledge and industry experience, we identify and evaluate critical risk factors, deal-breakers and opportunities associated with the target company, ultimately placing the investor in a stronger position during the negotiation stages.


    Why Choose Nexia BT?

    For the past 25 years, Nexia BT has been providing expert advice and support to clients in transactions across a broad range of industries. Its team of professionals have the commitment and credentials to bring to the negotiating table diverse financial advisory experience for objective and independent assessments of enterprise value, using the latest techniques. This, together with the in-depth industry and technology insights of the market intelligence team, allows Nexia BT to provide its clients detailed, accurate and realistic support during the transaction process.

    In addition to the assistance in undertaking business valuations and financial due diligence of a target, Nexia BT also acts as an intermediary to mergers and acquisitions. In doing so, its team conducts research and analysis on the prospects of potential investment opportunities for the purpose of establishing demand and supply forces, benchmarks of the required investment cost and the rates of return. Being led by results-driven partners, Nexia BT will help you to make things happen.

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