Relocation Services

    Malta offers excellent opportunities for individuals seeking to acquire a European citizenship. Enjoying a pleasant Mediterranean climate and ranking as the second safest place to reside worldwide, Malta is an ideal place to take up residence. Moreover, being a member of the European Union and forming part of the Schengen Area, Malta offers visa-free travel to more than 160 countries including the US and citizenship can open the doors to living, studying and working elsewhere in Europe.

    The competitive cost of living and advantageous tax regimes are also attractive benefits offered by Malta. Both factors have attracted individuals and businesses alike to relocate. Our network of local contacts and our extensive professional experience can painlessly guide you through the relocation process. We provide advice on the legal and tax rules and other implications of taking up ordinary residency in Malta. As approved agents, we can take you through the process of the citizenship and residence schemes offered by the Maltese Government.

    Interested to learn more? Find all details related to the programmes offered by the Maltese government in the below pages.

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    Malta Individual Investor Program

    Malta Residence and Visa Program

    The Global Residence Program Rules, 2013

    The Residence Program Rules, 2014

    Malta Income Tax Incentive for Highly Qualified Persons

    United Nations Pensions Programme Rules, 2015

    Retirement Schemes and Funds

    Special Tax Status – Malta Retirement Program

    The Key Employee Initiative (KEI)

    Investing in Special Designated Areas (SDAs') in Malta

    Buying Property in Malta 

    Residence or Citizenship? A brief comparative study of Malta Residence and Citizenship by investment programs.