What type of personal information will we hold on you and why?

    We may collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information:

    1. Personal details as per our ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) forms and/or through our centralised KYC Portal system. Details will include your name, surname, address, identification details, date of birth, the service we are providing you, citizenship, nationality and similar information about you.
    2. We will keep a copy of your identification document(s) such as ID card, driving license, residency card, passport or any other identification document available to fulfil our obligations under the 4th AML Directive.
    3. We will keep a copy of information or documentation to proof residency of your address such as bank statement, bank reference, utility bill, fix telephone line bill or similar documentation. This is to fulfil our obligations in line with the 4th AML Directive.
    4. We will keep a copy of name checks, google searches and passport checks on you. Such ‘name screening’ is performed to prevent fraud, money laundering, funding of terrorism, financial crime or any other type of crime. This is also in line with the 4th AML Directive and/or internal risk-based policy of the Group. Such screening services are performed when the relationship with the client or prospect has initiated and on an ongoing basis apply a risk-based approach.
    5. We shall use your personal data to perform, in a manual or automated manner, a risk classification/profiling which would classify you as ‘low risk’, ‘medium risk’ or ‘high risk’ in order to fulfil our obligations under the 4th AML Directive. Such classification will affect the level of ongoing monitoring we perform on you and/or the level of documentation we request. You may request further information on how such risk classification is performed by contacting the Data Protection Officer on dpo@nexiabt.com or by calling us on +356 21637778.
    6. We will keep a copy of your communication with us, such as emails and letters, in line with our legal obligations under the 4th AML Directive.
    7. We shall use your personal data, especially one or more of your identification documents, to perform automated facial recognition. This is performed to avoid identity fraud and/or financial crime.
    8. We may request a video conference call through our centralised KYC Portal. Should you accept to provide us with such a call, we shall record and hold a video and sound recording of the video conference in line with our AML/CFT obligations and internal retention policy found in the Data Protection Policy of the Group. We may also take screen shots of such video conference in line to fulfil our obligations under the 4th AML Directive.
    9. We may also process and hold information about your wealth, such as the value of your assets; details of bank accounts inheritance information; and similar related information to your global net worth. We shall use such information in line with our AML/CFT obligations.
    10. We shall process and hold certain declarations that we may ask you to provide, mostly referred to as ‘personal declaration form’, in line with our legal obligations.
    11. We may hold and process any other information or documentation we provide to you to complete, whether in physical or digital format, in line with our legal obligations and/or internal risk-based approach policy.
    12. We may also ask for a copy of your employment contract as a supporting documentation on your source of wealth or funds, on a risk-sensitive basis.
    13. We may hold CCTV recordings of you should you have visited our offices. These are kept for the purpose of preventing crime and protecting our staff and clients.