Eligibility & Fees

Q1. Who is eligible to apply?

The MRVP is open to Third country nationals, excluding nationals from Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, EEA and Switzerland. In the future, the list of ineligible countries may be revised from time to time by MRVA at its discretion.

Q2. Can parents or grand-parents of the Main Applicant apply as dependents?

Yes. A parent or grandparent of the Main Applicant or of his/her spouse, who proves to the satisfaction of the Minister that he/she is not economically active and is principally dependent on the Main Applicant, is eligible as a dependent. If a grandparent is applying as a dependent, proof that shows the link between the grandparent and the Main Applicant/spouse has to be provided (such as a ‘family-tree’ through birth certificates of the Applicant/spouse, the birth certificate of the respective parent, and then the grandparent). An additional fee of €5,000 per parent and grandparent applies.

Q3. Can household staff be eligible as dependents?

No. The Malta Residence and Visa Programme is only open to the Main Applicant and his/her family dependents.

Q4. In the case of an application for the entire family, are there additional fees?

The €30,000 covers the Main Applicant, Spouse and children who, upon submission of application, are not married and not economically active. For parents and grandparents of the Main Applicant and Spouse, an additional fee of €5,000 applies. A residence card processing fee applies when a residency card is issued or renewed. The fee is of €137.50 per person for the initial 5 years and €27.50 per year for renewals.  

Q5. What is the validity period of the Residency Certificate and the Residency Card?

The Residency Certificate does not expire provided all the requirements are adhered to. The Residency Card is valid for 5 years or until the cut-off dates, which have been set at ages 14 and 18.

Q6. Is it possible to add a dependent at a later stage?

Yes, this is possible however; they are to be added to the application after the Residence Certificate is issued. An application pack must be submitted containing the following documents:

  •  MRVP7, singed in the presence and by the Commissioner for Oaths;

  • MRVP2,3,4,6;

  • Evidence of KYC;

  • Birth Certificate;

  • Change of Name (if applicable);

  • ID Card or equivalent;

  • Marriage/Divorce Certificates;

  • Military Records (If Applicable);

  • A certified true copy of the full International Passport;

  • Police Certificate (if applicable).

With respect to the following dependants, an additional fee of €5,000 per dependant would also be required:

  • The spouse or partner in a relationship equivalent to a marriage of the child of the main applicant;

  • The child of the child of the main applicant and/or his spouse.

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