General Questions

Q1. Is there a compulsory minimum length of stay within one year after a Beneficiary gets his/her residence permit?

No, there is no minimum length of stay requirement.

Q2. Can the Beneficiary add dependents at a later stage?

Yes, the Beneficiary may add dependents at a later stage as per the S.L. 217.18. A €5,000 non-refundable administration fee per individual applies to parents and grandparents of the Main Applicant of the spouse as well as the spouse or partner in a relationship equivalent to a marriage of the child of the main applicant and the child of the child of the main applicant and/or his spouse

Q3. Is there a fee for the Residence Card?

Yes. It is €27.50 for a one-year time period per person. Hence a card valid for 5 years carries a fee of €137.50 per individual.

Q4. What would the consequences be should the Beneficiary divorce from his/her spouse?

In the case of a divorce, the Spouse of the Beneficiary will lose residency rights. This might also effect the Spouse’s children whose other biological parent is not the Beneficiary and who would have been included as Dependents under the said Application. Each case will be assessed on its own merits.

Q5. We have a client who is an EU national, and his/her partner is a third country national. Our client wishes to apply for the MRVP for his/her partner. In this regard, since our client is of a European nationality, thus prohibited from applying for the programme, may his/her partner (third country national) apply for the MRVP and our client acts as her Benefactor?

Our legislation does not impede her from submitting an application as a Main Applicant, supported by a Benefactor.

Q6. Can there be a Benefactor under the MRVP?

Yes, there can be a Benefactor under the MRVP.

The required documents for a Benefactor are the following:

– Form MRVP2, in the name of the Benefactor, fully completed (all sections including the Source
of Funds and Wealth Part);
– Part A of form MRVP 4, in the name of the Benefactor;
– 3-month Bank Statements for the Benefactor’s account from which the funds for the MRVP application will be remitted (i.e., transferred to Identity Malta);
– Certified true copy of all valid International Passports of the Benefactor (ALL pages);
– Evidence of Current Employment (if applicable);
– Evidence of Business Ownership (for business owned in part or in whole by the Benefactor);
– Sworn declaration that the Benefactor will fund the MA’s MRVP application and all the related financial obligations, and will also provide the MA with stable and regular resources.
– Form MRVP6 and a copy of the bio-metrics data page attached at the end of the Form.
– Police Certificates from the Benefactor’s country of origin, his current residence and any country he/she has lived in for a period of over 6 months in the past 10 years.

The Main Applicant should still complete Form MRVP2 in its entirety and provide a 3-month bank statement of his/her personal bank account.

Q7. Can a Main Applicant rely on a benefactor for proof of assets?

Yes, however, these should be in the name of the Main Applicant as specified in S.L. 217.18. If in order to satisfy this requirement, the benefactor will be transferring the amount to the Main Applicant, documentary evidence of this transfer such as a deed of gift or sworn declaration, and evidence of the bank transfer must be submitted with the application.

Q8. Can an adult dependent who is employed and receiving the minimum wage still be supported by the Main Applicant where the minimum wage is not enough to support their lifestyle?

By legal definition, the answer is no. A dependent has to be economically inactive at the time of submission of application. He/she may seek employment thereafter.

Q9. Can the residence card be renewed abroad through the Maltese Embassy?

The Residency Card cannot be renewed through a Maltese Embassy.

Q10. In Form MRVP3, Part A, the Applicant needs to list the Licenced medical practitioner, is it correct to assume that this is the usual General medical practitioner?


Q11. In Form MRVP3, Part D needs to be filled in by the examining practitioner. Who can this be?

This may be the same General Medical Practitioner who filled in Part A of MRVP3. However, it could be a different Medical Practitioner.

Q12. Is a health certificate issued by a hospital in Russia accepted? (On this matter the legislation provides that certificate is to be issued by a reputable health system to the satisfaction of MRVA

Yes, as long as the certificate is signed, dated and stamped by the Medical Practitioner. The Medical Practitioner should also include his/her professional license number, where applicable.

Q13. Is there a particular wording which the health certificate must contain?

The wording is at the discretion of the GP/Medical institution.

Q14. Can the main applicant use the company bank account for form MRVP 2 to affect the payment of contribution if the company is owned by him/her and has authorization to use the company bank account since he/she is a director/shareholder of the company?

In order for the Main Applicant to use his Company’s Bank Account, the following documentation would be required:

– Board resolution authorizing the Main Applicant to transfer funds from the Company Bank Account for the MRVP Application
– Certificate of Incorporation, Shareholder Register and Register of Directors for the Company
– 3 months bank statement for the company account from which the funds will be transferred.
Please note also that the 3 months bank statement for the Main Applicant’s working bank account is still required.

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