Qualifying Investment

Q1. What form of investment is acceptable?

The investments referred to in regulation 6(1) (d) of the said regulations, can be made in debt or equity securities listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange. Investment in these securities may also be achieved through an investment in collective investment schemes that are licensed and are on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange. The Qualifying Investment has to be equivalent to €250,000 (Market Value).

Q2. Can an Applicant open an account in Malta?

An Applicant may open an account in Malta at his/her discretion.

Q3. What is the return the Beneficiary gets on the Qualifying Investment? At what interval is interest paid?

This does not fall within the remit of MRVA. Matter is to be discussed with a qualified stock broker and/or banking institution.

Q4. What is the procedure for buying the Qualifying Investment?

This has to be tackled with a qualified stock broker and/or banking institution. MRVA would need a certificate confirming this investment.

Q5. After the initial 5 years, with regard to the qualifying investment, can the Applicant sell the bonds or his investment portfolio but still hold a Maltese residency?

Yes he may sell the qualifying investment after 5 years and still retain his Maltese residency on condition that other requirements stipulated in L.N. 288 of 2015 are still met.

Q6. Can the Applicant take a loan to buy the Qualifying Investment?

This is at the discretion of the Bank.

Q7. Are the Funds which invest exclusively in Malta Government Bonds accepted as a form of qualifying investment?

Yes, they are.

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