Submission of application

Q1. Would the Main Applicant need to be present when the application is submitted?

No. The RAP/RAA will submit the application on behalf of the client. The RAP/RAA is to remain throughout the entire meeting where a pre-screening of the application is done and a receipt is issued.

Q2. How would the initial €5,500 be settled?

The €5,500 have to be transferred via an electronic bank transfer into account number 40024744878 in the name of “MRVA” with Bank of Valletta plc. At the time the application pack is accepted by MRVA, a request for payment is handed over to the RAP/RAA, who is to affect payment within 3 working days, quoting the MRVA Application Reference number.

Q3. What would you consider an appropriate agreement with the RAP/RAA; would a copy of our company’s standard “Letter of Engagement” suffice as proof for this purpose?

MRVA does not need a copy of the “Letter of Engagement”. What is actually required, is a valid Power of Attorney clearly granting the rights to the Attorney to handle the application until the date of the finalisation of the relevant application process.

Q4. Does MRVA require any specific format for the submission of the application, including referencing, etc.?

Yes, please follow the provided Filing Order in the Application and Documentation Guidelines found on the MRVA Website

Q5. A19 of form MRVP2 refers to ID card details of issuing country. Is a copy required with the application (translated, certified, apostilled)?

Yes: it has to be a certified true copy and translated if not in English. Moreover, if translations are done abroad these need to be apostilled/legalised. Translations done in Malta should be carried out by a certified translator.

Q6. With regard to dependents; is the affidavit of dependency the only requirement as proof of dependency or is any additional proof/supporting documentation required? For instance: school certificates, certificate of retirement, etc.?

The affidavit of dependency should suffice but any supporting evidence would facilitate the process.

Q7. Are there any guidelines on the fees which RAP/RAAs should be charging in connection with their services for the purposes of the Malta Residence and Visa Programme?

It is at the discretion of the respective RAP/RAAs/individuals to decide which fees to charge their clients.

Q8. The RAP/RAA has to provide a covering letter stating why the Main Applicant is interested in obtaining residence in Malta. Why would the client not be doing this in the form of a Letter of Intent, as they do in the other programmes? Also, in the checklist they make reference to a covering letter being signed by the RAP/RAA. Would this not be the usual cover letter we hand to you to sign, as the description matches what we would usually know as the Letter of Intent?

We require an introductory letter of the prospective Applicant from the RAP/RAA. The Main Applicant may also opt to forward a letter of intent.

Q9. Can the RAP/RAA submit one marriage certificate per couple as we do in the IIP programme, rather than one from each married person? With regard to divorce certificates, do they have to be provided all or do the most recent ones suffice?

There is no problem with producing one marriage certificate (or a certified true copy) for a wedded couple. However, all divorce certificates must be submitted.

Q10. Is a written signed declaration from the client adequate? Or do they have to submit an affidavit?

In certain cases a written signed declaration is needed, as in the declaration of wealth/income, for example. In other cases, and this is specifically stated, an affidavit is required. For example, when Main Applicant declares that the dependents over 18 years are economically dependent on him/her.

Q11. Affidavit – Is a Commissioner for Oaths a suitable person to attest to the signature of the affiant?

Yes, the Commissioner for Oaths is a suitable person for this function.

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