The Due Diligence Process

Q1. With respect to the “know your customer” evidence and due diligence processes, in which format is such evidence to be presented to MRVA by the RAP/RAA?

The RAP/RAA is responsible for introducing reputable Applicants, hence the need to ensure that RAP/RAA supports MRVA by forwarding printed reports with regard to enquirers conducted from reliable sources on potential Beneficiary and all dependents over the age of 14. Other information that could be provided by RAP/RAA will facilitate MRVA to conduct a proper due diligence assessment. RAP/RAAs must remember that they should keep evidence of their investigations, for which they are solely responsible.

Q2. At which stage do RAP/RAAs need to submit evidence of KYC and other due diligence processes?

These have to be submitted upon application stage.

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