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VLTC Nexia BT U-16 European Tournament

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VLTC Nexia BT U-16 European Tournament

The final of the VLTC Nexia BT U-16 European tournament was held on Saturday, 2nd December at the Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club premises in Paola.

Pierre Yves Bailly of Belgium and Amarissa Toth of Hungary were the overall winners of the VLTC Nexia BT European U-16 Tennis Tournament for the Boys’ Singles and the Girls Singles’ respectively. Christian Kuhne of Switzerland and Hanne Vanderwinkel of Belgium were the first runners up for the same categories.

Yves and Amarissa stood on the top podium again when they also snatched the winners’ titles in the Boys’ Doubles and Girls’ Doubles with their partners Daniils Snaiders of Latvia and Nadezda Khalturina of Russia respectively. The runners up for the Boys’ Double were Leote Prata and Tomas Pinho of Portugal while Patricija Paukstyte of Lithuania and Hanne Vandewinkel of Belgium were the runners up for the Girls’ Doubles.

Luke Cann, Director, Nexia BT said, ‘We have been proudly supporting VLTC for a number of years. Seeing young talent and the dedication of these players who are still in their teens is nothing short of inspiring. Such endeavours harmonise with the Company’s ideology of promoting hard work and excellence in what we do, and sports is an excellent medium to show this being done at its best.’

The trophies to the winners and runners-up were presented Luke Cann and Victor Rutter, Secretary of the Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club.

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