The Maltese islands have emerged as one of the most extraordinary success stories in the EU.

Known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, high standard of living, pro-business approach and corresponding reasonable costs of doing business, Malta has become the go-to jurisdiction for growth-minded entrepreneurs and multinational companies.

Maintaining a strong worldwide reputation, the MGA regulates one of Malta’s major economic contributors; the local remote and land-based gaming industry. 

Today, online gaming comprises 12% of the Maltese economy, generating about €700 million and employing around 6,400 people. The gaming sector is one of the largest sectors in Malta to employ expats from all corners of the world.

The MGA is responsible for approximately 513 remote gaming licensees, including online casino license and 266 companies including iGaming/betting companies (Malta), whilst also regulating all types of gaming and gambling businesses/activities including national lotteries, bingo halls, casinos, gaming parlours and remote gaming.

The island is the place of origin of regulated online gaming and has long been a hub for gaming companies and suppliers. Nowhere has the gaming industry grown as swiftly and been as quickly embraced as it has in Malta.

All these reasons have made Malta a destination of preference for the world’s largest operators and startups.

Key Features:

  • Low Gaming Tax Rates - a 5% gaming tax shall apply to the gambling revenue generated by the remote gaming operators from Malta-based players.
  • Low Gaming Licence Fees - Malta has two types of licences. Anyone wishing to enter the Maltese iGaming sector by either operating a remote gaming company in Malta or by providing critical supplies thereto must hold a valid Maltese Gaming Licence issued by the MGA.

There are two types of Gaming Licences, either a Gaming Service Licence applicable to B2C operators or a Critical Gaming Supply Licence applicable B2B operators.

Moreover, the Licence Fee applicable to licensees in Malta are comparatively less expensive than other gaming jurisdictions. The Gaming Licence Fees Regulations impose a Compliance Contribution solely on B2C gaming service providers in terms of a sliding scale, depending on the revenue generated.

  • Low Corporate Tax Rates on Gaming Operations - a 35% corporate tax rate shall apply to the profits generated by the remote gaming operators. Companies will be able to benefit from certain tax incentives, subject to applicable conditions.

iGaming Licence Fees applicable to licensees in Malta are relatively less expensive than other gaming jurisdictions.

All B2C Gaming Services licensee's are subject to an annual fixed licence fee of €25,000, with the exception of suppliers of Type 4 games, who are instead subject to an annual fixed licence fee of €10,000.

On the other hand, the licence fee for B2B Critical Gaming Supply licensees shall range between €25,000 to €35,000, depending on their annual revenue. Moreover, a reduced  Licence Fee of €10,000 shall apply if the licensee supplies critical supplies solely to Type 4 game providers. Lower annual Licence Fees apply to B2B licensees providing Critical Gaming Supplies consisting only of back-office related services, such as provision and maintenance of software.

Depending on the revenue generated, the Gaming Licence Fees Regulations impose a Compliance Contribution solely on B2C gaming service providers in terms of a sliding scale.

  • Fast Licensing Application Procedure;

  • Steady legal regulatory framework offering protection both for licensed operators and online players;

  • Malta has high anti-money laundering standards;

  • Malta offers Onshore status for Maltese remote gaming companies;

  • As Malta is an EU member state, it offers the possibility of free movement of goods and services.

Malta offers a comprehensive gaming ecosystem. Maltese islands have the resources, people and culture to give iGaming professionals and entrepreneurs the possibility and chance to connect with like-minded individuals where business gets done.

Malta’s iGaming workforce is incredibly international and diverse. The island has drawn people from all corners of the world. Today, the majority of those employed in the sector are foreign expats.

As Malta was once a British colony, the majority of the Maltese population is English speaking.

English is an official language along with Maltese, making it simpler for expats to adjust and integrate.

The European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM), has been launched as a joint venture between the Malta Gaming Authority and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). EGIM seeks to provide training and development opportunities for non-experienced personnel wanting to join the gaming industry.


Additionally, the economic and political stability and a low crime rate also help companies to have higher levels of trust in the country.

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