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Updated: July 30, 2020 | 3 minute read

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Accessing the Capital Market through Prospects MTF

Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited is accredited by the MSE as a Corporate Advisor and offers corporate advisory, audit, accounting and tax services to a wide range of SME clients. Our clients are constantly faced with the challenge of raising funds for their new ideas and objectives. As part of our advisory services, Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited assists interested SMEs in applying for admission to Prospects MTF. We can guide SMEs in the lead-up, ensuring the company is ready for listing on Prospects MTF. Our team will oversee the SMEs towards creating sound management and governance of structure.

Prospects MTF  

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) make up a majority of all companies in Europe. A common challenge for these companies is gaining access to capital.

It is typical for SMEs to experience constraints to grow organically due to limited cash flow and access to cost-effective capital.

Prospects MTF can be the solution you’ve been looking for. The Malta Stock Exchange’s new platform grants access to SMEs to raise finance on the capital market, through equities or debt. Prospect MTF strives to facilitate raising finance through this initiative.

Find out more about prospects for SMEs here. 

The benefits of Prospects MTF

Prospects MTF is a cost-effective measure and another essential advantage is the time to market.

Other benefits include:

  • The issue of either shares or bonds of €8 million and below is not subject to listing rules of MFSA (Initial Public Offerings; IPOs; and corporate bond issue of €8 million shall not require approval from the MFSA, provided that either they do not exceed €8 million or not more than 150 investors from any single jurisdiction, thereby resulting in a shorter processing time);

  • Lower admission and annual listing costs;

  • Raises brand value;

  • Improves corporate governance and transparency;

  • Lighter admission requirements; and

  • Stepping stone to eventual listing on a regulated market.

Financing for foreign companies

This financing platform is also available to overseas companies seeking an influx of capital to fund their business ventures. Positioned as a global financial services provider, with a skilled workforce, attractive economic growth possibilities and a stable banking system, Malta is ideal for SMEs seeking a reliable and abundant base for their business activities.

Prospect MTF for SMEs in brief

  1. The entity must be an SME, as defined by the EU;

  2. The IPO shall not exceed €5 million or €8 million but acquired by less than 150 investors from any single jurisdiction, so as to benefit from the simplified Company Admission Document, instead of a Prospectus;

  3. As part of the Prospects application process, a Company Admission Document and other required documents must be submitted; and

  4. Applicant must have a minimum share capital of €46,587.

How we can help?

To be admitted to Prospects MTF, a firm is required to appoint an independent and impartial Corporate Advisor to guide the firm throughout the entire process. Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited can help in ensuring total compliance with the relevant rules of Prospects MTF. We will also ensure that the SME has an adequate, transparent corporate and governance structure both prior and subsequent to the admission to Prospects MTF.

Nexia BT’s Advisory team, led by Luke Cann, may assist your company by conducting a feasibility evaluation, establishing the company structure, as well as aiding and drafting of all relevant documents and carrying out the necessary due diligence. Following the admission to Prospects MTF, our team will serve as Corporate Advisor for the duration and ongoing obligations under the Prospect rules.

Nexia BT forms part of the Nexia International network and has established itself as a leading accountancy and advisory firm in Malta. For over 25 years, the organisation has proven to clients that we have the credentials and expertise to reach their goals. Our team of experts advise companies on ways to manage risk arising from their exposure to constant changes affecting their operations. Our portfolio of esteemed clients operate across a variety of sectors and engage at all levels of industry. We team up with our clients to provide them with risk advisory services, which are customised to their specific requirements and add value to their organisations.

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