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Updated: June 05, 2020 | 3 minute read

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Identity Malta Agency Online Services

Faced with the obstacles brought about by Covid-19, Identity Malta Agency has smoothly and efficiently adapted its procedures and processes in the interest of public health. Most of the processes can now be completed online or via email. So rather than having to attend the agency’s premises, it is now possible for expatriates to apply for or renew their permit online.

Measures adopted for Third Country Nationals

Single Permit Applications

  • Identity Malta has launched a new dedicated online portal for new, renewal and change in employment applications. Such requests may be submitted online through the portal without the need to visit the agency premises;

  • Additional services are expected to be introduced through the dedicated portal, which will continue to provide a more efficient service to all applicants;

  • A 3-month extension has been granted to live-in carers and health care professionals who need to extend their single permit where this is about to expire. Once an email is sent to the authorities, the applicable permit would be extended by a return email.

  • Residency cards have continued to be issued, and applicants are provided with an appointment to take biometrics to avoid large crowds gathering at the agency premises;

  • When it comes to lost cards or change in address, expatriates would still have to visit the premises, yet an appointment is scheduled beforehand.

  • An efficient single permit customer care service dedicated to employers who have queries concerning registration and/or the online portal has been made available to the public.

Family Member and Temporary Permit Applications

  • Family members and those who wish to obtain or renew a temporary permit can submit their application via email;

  • Temporary permits will be issued once the application is approved and the applicants will be provided with the residency card at a later stage.

Measures adopted for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals

  • When it comes to new applications and renewals, a request may be sent via email;

  • When it comes to the application of family members, a residence document may be applied for via email.

Measures adopted for UK nationals

  • The process of issuing new residence documents to UK nationals has been suspended. Beneficiaries will be given the opportunity to apply at a later stage, and the existing residency document shall continue to remain valid until a new one is issued. All queries in this regard should be sent via email.

By implementing the above measures, Identity Malta Agency has not only complied with all national and public health measures and guidelines but has also introduced more efficient processes, thus ensuring that expatriates are well-served throughout these trying times.

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