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November 20, 2019 | 2 minute read

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Every transaction has its tax implications. Our team of tax lawyers and tax accountants can help your business at every stage of its lifespan.

Whether you are currently faced with the initial set-up stage, experiencing a process of positive growth, or if the time has come to consider passing on the business to the next generation, you can count on us to help you simplify tax management and oversight whilst still providing visibility to make strategic decisions.

Our services

Initial set-up tax services

Setting up your business as a company, or getting started as a self-employed person involves a process of ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met at the outset. Our team of professionals can assist you with:

  • Company formation services;
  • ETC Registration as a self-employed person;
  • Income tax registration;
  • VAT registration; and
  • Employer registration.

Tax advisory and compliance

Due to constant changes in tax legislation, a deep and ongoing knowledge of tax and statutory requirements is a must in order to instil the comfort needed to avoid incurring unnecessary taxes, whilst maintaining compliance. Our services include:

  • Control of your VAT and income tax position;
  • Transaction specific income tax and VAT advisory services;
  • Reminders of various tax obligations and tax deadlines;
  • Personal and corporate tax planning;
  • Attending to tax objections and appeals; and
  • Real estate tax advice for property purchase, sale or rental
  • Tax advisory services and registration of groups of companies for the purposes of the recently introduced tax consolidation rules

Growing your business

Whilst your business is expanding, entering into new ventures and transactions may appear standard, however, this will surely give rise to complex income tax considerations and reporting. Throughout the process, our team may:

  • Advise and assist with applications for tax credit incentives;
  • Help ensure full benefit of all applicable fiscal incentives;
  • Assist and advise through mergers and/or acquisitions;
  • Advise on stamp duty and capital gains tax considerations on mergers and/or acquisitions; and
  • Handle and conduct VAT and Income tax due diligence on target companies.

Succession planning

Creating a business that will last, whilst at the same time building value that endures is surely every entrepreneur’s dream. Passing on your business to the next generation might be the next step, however, a lack of proper succession planning may result in a tax burden that will significantly reduce the wealth available to future generations.

Our team of tax lawyers and tax accountants can assist with:

  • Review of current structure of ownership;
  • Proposal of a tax-efficient succession structure;
  • Stamp duty and tax considerations; and
  • Efficient use of trusts, foundations and other efficient vehicles.

HR taxation services

As companies grow, employment related matters also increase in their complexity. In order to ensure that you are fully compliant, whilst at the same time gaining from our tax expertise, our team can assist with:

  • Income tax registration and permit requirements for non-resident employees;
  • Advice on the introduction of share options schemes;
  • Preparation and submission of annual income tax returns;
  • Fringe benefit analysis and advice;
  • Eligibility to part-time rules; and
  • Taxation of early retirement benefits.

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