Issuance of Notice

Q1. What will happen once the application packs are submitted by the RAP/RAA?

A receipt of the application pack is given to the RAP/RAA who is also requested to pay the initial fee of €5,500. Once these fees are received by MRVA, due diligence checks on the Main Applicant and dependents are conducted. If this is successful, the application is presented to the board and, if approved, a Letter of Approval in Principle is issued by MRVA. Following this process, the Main Applicant will need to buy/lease the Qualifying property, buy the Qualifying Investment and purchase the necessary Health Insurance Cover. The Main Applicant will be allowed a time-frame of three months from the receipt of the Letter of Approval in Principle. Once the Main Applicant provides all the documentation, MRVA will issue a Letter of Final Approval to the Main Applicant (AKA beneficiary), inviting him/her and his/her dependents to call at our offices for the capturing of bio-metric data. Once the bio-metrics are captured, and all residency forms collected, the green files are prepared by MRVA for each applicant to be submitted to the DCEA. DCEA will be responsible for the registration, approval and printing of the cards. This process is currently taking around 1 week per application. Within 3 to 5 days MRVA will issue the Residence Certificate, provided that all documentation is finalised and deemed acceptable to the agency.

Q2. Will the Residence Certificate and the Residence Card have expiry dates?

As long as all requirements stipulated in S.L. 217.18 will continue to be met, the Residency Certificate will not have an expiry date. The Residency card, which will reflect the said immigration position, will be initially valid for a period of five years, renewable. In cases where a Residency Card is issued to a minor of less than 14 years, and the minor turns 14 within the “normal” 5-year card validity, the expiry date of such minor’s card will fall due one month after his/her 14th birthday. The same applies when dependent turns 18 years of age.

Q3. Is there any exemption from submitting the bio-metrics, for instance if a person is a baby or disabled?

Yes, children are exempt from bio-metrics up to the age of 2. However, form ID2 together with 2 certified passport size photos need to be submitted for each child. With regards to people with disabilities, each case will be decided on its own merits.

Q4. Will a language test be carried out to test the Main Applicant’s and the dependents’ knowledge of Maltese/English?


Q5. Upon renewal of Residence Card after 5 years, do other fees apply?

Yes. Each individual has to pay €27.50 per year to have the Residence Card renewed.

Q6. Following the initial five-year period, upon renewal of residency card, are the Main Applicant and other beneficiaries required to come to Malta to retake their bio-metrics?

Although 3 sets of bio-metric data are captured for each Applicant, thus having 2 extra sets in file, the extra sets might be used up in case of technical issues, and/or in case of a change of address and/or in case of a loss of card during the validity of the card. In such circumstances, Applicant and/or his/her dependents will be required to come to Malta for bio-metric data capturing. In cases where a Residency Card is issued to a minor of less than 14 years, and the minor turns 14 within the “normal” 5-year card validity, the expiry of such minor’s card, will fall due one month after his/her 14th birthday. The applicant will be required to visit our offices to have his/her bio-metrics data captured in order to include the fingerprints. The same applies when dependent turns 18 years of age.

Q7. Would MRVA support or facilitate the issuance of visas for Applicants for travelling purposes?

MRVA cannot provide any support to applicants obtaining a Visa. The agency can only confirm that the applicant has applied for a Residency card under MRVP.

Q8. Will the commencement of lease need to be as close to the appointment of submission of final documents as possible?

Ideally the Lease Agreement should commence closest to the submission of the final proofs. The same applies to the Health Policy. We apply a tolerance period of a maximum of 3 months.

Q9. Is the health policy required to be submitted together with other requirements once an application has been approved?

Yes, the Health Policy endorsement or its equivalent together with the NHS declaration, have to be submitted at Final Proof Stage.

Q10. After acceptance of the application, where do the Applicants have to provide the Bio-metric data? Does the whole family have to travel to Malta?

After the Letter of Final Approval, the Main Applicant and all dependents have to travel to Malta to have their Bio-metric data captured. However, at the discretion of MRVA and given certain conditions, Bio-metric data capturing can also be done abroad. In the latter case, the trip and accommodation for the MRVA member that will be administering bio-metrics abroad is to be financially provided for and covered by the applicants and the Main Applicant and Dependents would have to travel to Malta to pick up the cards in person and sign the Subscriber’s Agreement at DCEA.

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