Malta Ranks Low in Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Swiss Index

September 09, 2019 | 1 minute read

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Malta Ranks Low in Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Swiss Index

According to the Basel Institute for Governance, Malta yet again secured a low-risk jurisdiction status for money laundering and terrorist financing. The Republic of Malta ranked at 113th position out of 125 countries analysed.

The Basel AML Index uses data from publicly available sources like the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the World Bank, Transparency International, and the World Economic Forum to measure the risk of Terrorist Financing (TF) and Money laundering (ML).

As per the institute, the overall risk score represents a holistic assessment that targets functional and structural elements of the country’s resilience against ML/TF.

15 indicators of countries’ adherence to AML/CFT regulations, financial standards, political disclosure, levels of corruption, and the rule of law were analysed by the Swiss-based institute and were then aggregated into one overall risk score.

As per the August 2019 Basel AML index, Malta scored 3.94 out of 10; improving by 0.02 points over its performance in 2018; ranked at 113th place out 125.

Countries that score five points or more have a significantly higher risk of exposure to money laundering. Malta performed better than other EU jurisdictions like Germany, France, Italy, the UK and Luxembourg which ranked 99, 108, 75, 106 and 85 respectively.

Out of the entire list, the best performing countries were Estonia (score 2.68), Finland (3.17) and New Zealand (3.18) along with Mozambique (8.22), Laos (8.21) and Myanmar (7.93) as the worst performers.





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