Silicon Valletta boosts Malta’s tech ecosystem

January 10, 2017 | 1 minute read

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Malta has recently surpassed the Netherlands after being identified as the country in Europe with the highest density of population. But what is that makes Malta so attractive?

An archipelago in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta offers a number of advantages to its residents. One of the main factors is undoubtedly the fact that it is one of the few countries forming part of the European Union that is bilingual, making it easy to communicate in English with any of the locals, thus making the island more attractive to foreigners. Another contributor is the warm climate which records at least 300 days of sunshine annually; a celebratory atmosphere; and very short distances to get from one location to the next.

Now more than ever, Malta has truly become the gem of the Mediterranean which translates ‘middle of the earth’ in Latin, as it takes its rightful place as the island in centre of Europe, and the world!

Malta’s technological ecosystem is flourishing and thriving, hitting its highest peaks lately with the launch of Silicon Valletta, a project created between the Government and investment sectors to attract investment and start-ups from anywhere in Europe whilst joining together Maltese CEOs of businesses in the digital field.

A monthly meeting with an initial count of 40 members will be organised by Silicon Valletta between Maltese stakeholders in the digital community and aid in the Government’s decision-making process.

Simon Azzopardi, president of Silicon Valletta said, "Despite its geographical size, Malta's tech scene is growing, particularly within gaming and FinTech, as well as non-regulated industries. Silicon Valletta was set up to represent the founders and investors on the island that are challenging the status quo and need to lobby for support, as well as brand the island's many attractions"

It is believed that by launching Silicon Valletta in Europe, Malta has the potential of becoming a hub for another sector to add on to the gaming and gambling sectors. The tech hub was reinforced with the ZEST conference – a 2-day conference which brought together parties from various regions for talks, panel discussions and keynote speakers.

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