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Our multidisciplinary team assists clients in identifying projects which add value to their business. By conducting a thorough evaluation of the impact of internal and external factors, including changing trends in both the short and long-term, mapping out new growth strategies and portfolio mix options.

Nexia BT applies research, financial and strategic skills to help you identify, evaluate and translate opportunities into concrete financial projections. Our analytics measure the impact of specific projects on the organisation. Accompanied by strategic maps, we can assist you in the implementation and operation of such projects. 

The business advisory team provides you with the essential expertise to comply with reporting requirements for applications for project financing, to source debt and equity, as well as European Union (EU) funds.

Key Features

The Advisory team complements your market knowledge through a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your existing and potential markets, customer base and competition, providing a 360-degree perspective. This is achieved by using a mix of primary and secondary research tools to gain insight to navigate through a pool of potential ventures.

Such an analysis will guide you to the most feasible option; having the highest financial and economic returns amongst a number of possibilities. This report is compiled in accordance with standard practices and guidelines. It is a vital document required for obtaining national or EU funding for a new project. Additionally, the CBA is an insightful tool for assessing the viability of large projects, both in terms of financial profitability and economic and social returns.

Nexia BT’s professionals provide tailor-made support to small, medium and large entities, both private and public, to estimate the contribution which an organisation, industry or investment project makes to the country’s Gross Value Added. In this manner, industry research is integrated into the Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) process of estimating the direct, indirect and induced impact of a project.

Our corporate finance team has extensive experience in providing various forms of assistance to produce business plans for both start-up operations and medium-to-large-sized businesses that are seeking new growth strategies. By taking an innovative approach, Nexia BT presents the best solution to convert a business plan into a plan of action. Whilst offering our industry experience throughout this process, we anticipate questions from investors and shareholders and get our clients ready for new investment opportunities.

For optimal results, CBAs and EIAs can be combined with our business planning services to effectively translate investment options into long-term projections, which assess the future economic influence of the project on your organisation.

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