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To maintain a competitive edge within the global economy, it becomes critical to understand economic developments, monitor trends and plan strategically to capitalize from new emerging opportunities or to mitigate risks accordingly.

In the pursuit of providing leading analytical foresight, our team of economists and analysts work closely to research, collate and navigate through the best market intelligence, and statistical data and combine it with years of in-house commercial acumen to generate factual, analytical reports, advise and recommendations which are specific to clients’ business goals.


Econometric modelling is at the core of the provision of economic advisory. Through it, the prediction of events is made possible, enabling the achievement of strategic business planning, budgeting or business case analysis. Being established through relationships and interactions between historical data based on a set of realistic assumptions, the forecasting of models is seen as facilitating the decision-making process. We provide:

  • Empirical market demand analysis;

  • Demand forecasting;

  • Macroeconomic forecasting;

  • Outcomes and impact measurement;

  • Model validation.

The economic advisory team provides extensive expertise on the evaluation of large-scale public, semi-public and private projects, in a plethora of sectors and line with industry norms, standards and guidelines. Projects can be evaluated in terms of financial, social and economic indicators against several relevant and comparable options. This allows the final end-user to decide for the implementation, or otherwise, of a project. Hereby we provide:

  • Feasibility studies;

  • Economic and social impact assessments;

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Our team of advisors have had direct exposure to policymakers for the past 20 years, assisting in the development and formulation of evidence-based solutions which are practical and adequate for the sector under review. We have experience in the waste, environment, health, education, fisheries and transport, amongst others.

Understanding that policy-making has direct repercussions on the daily lives of many, we provide recommendations in the form of economic, financial and sociological assessment to governments and authorities of new or existing policies. Our services include:

  • Policy research;

  • Impact assessments;

  • Evaluation studies;

  • Market intelligence;

  • Policy and program design and evaluation;

  • Review and advice on microeconomic reform;

  • Labour market analysis;

  • Environmental and social policy; and

  • Government revenue and funding analysis.

The collection of data is a critical basis for the development of sound reports and recommendations. Nexia BT’s research team can provide consultancy services on the design, implementation and analysis of surveys; the design, implementation and analysis of statistical surveys; as well as field, online or desktop research as necessary.

  • Qualitative and quantitative research;

  • Customer perceptions and segmentation;

  • Industry reports;

  • Pricing strategies;

  • Competitor analysis.

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