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Information Technology (IT) is a challenging field which can be a valuable asset to any company. Choosing a trustworthy IT advisor is crucial in determining that your decisions are based on the relevant information. Organisations which recognise and understand the importance of leveraging IT have the potential of achieving significant growth and competitive advantage.

At Nexia BT, we aim to assist you and your organisation in developing a clear approach that is fully aligned with your business needs. Working together enables us to support you in identifying and implementing the most cost-effective IT strategy to help you realise your goals.

Key Features

Identifying the optimal systems for the smooth running of your business can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. At Nexia BT, we will combine your knowledge of the industry with our technical expertise in the selection and implementation of technology. Together this will lead us to identify the system that best addresses your needs as well as identifying key decision-making data that you will need to access.

IT investments require meticulous planning to deliver the project or service on time and within budget. After establishing the system, we will employ specialised business and technical experience to drive beneficial change that will add to value to your organisation. Our team has extensive experience implementing systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Sales Force Automation (SFA); and Business Intelligence (BI).

IT is at the core of the modern organisations business model, often driving critical systems which necessitate monitoring and control to prevent information leaks and vulnerabilities. In a more complex and highly regulated business environment, organisations are required to adhere and comply with directives and regulations that are issued from time to time.

Nexia BT offers IT system and compliance reviews to aid in leveraging the full potential of your company’s IT infrastructure.

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery;

  • Information security policies;

  • Service agreements and network infrastructure; as well as

  • Advisory services. 

Through Business Process Transformations (BPT), we analyse the way a company operates to implement the necessary changes to manage financial, human and physical resources better. Our role is to adjust processes in line with the new practices with a view of increasing effectiveness and efficiency, enhance quality and reduce costs.

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