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Given the constant developments in the business world, an entity's success relies on effective risk management practices which proactively anticipate and mitigate evolving liabilities. This foresight allows management to take the necessary steps to adapt business processes to counteract new risks and subsequently execute informed decisions which can transform risks into potential opportunities.

Our team of professionals combine in-depth industry experience with a risk-based approach to minimise strategic and operational risks without hindering legitimate growth opportunities.

Our objective is to continually empower our clients by drawing focus on fundamental and significant prospects. We provide effective and efficient recommendations which translate into managing identified risks on an enterprise-wide scale and business process specific scale.

Key Features

By learning how to balance risk mitigation and risk-taking, these factors contribute to the preservation, sustainability and realisation of their value. Entities recognise and understand the importance of managing risks through an effective internal control system which is adapted to the demands of an evolving industry. Companies are better able to tap into their potential for achieving enhanced delivery of cost-reduction activities; securing business continuity and increasing stakeholder value.

Our business advisory team will guide you through internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing services by adopting a risk-based internal audit methodology. This takes into consideration the concepts of COSO integrated framework of internal controls.

We assist local and international regulators in the provision of professional, objective and independent assessments related to licensing applications. Nexia BT will also assist regulated companies in adapting specific local or international policies and procedures.

As an approved auditor of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Nexia BT conducts systems and compliance reviews to potential and current remote gaming licensees. IT system reviews are undertaken to ascertain that the architecture of the proposed system submitted by the licensee to the MGA is properly working in the live environment. Compliance reviews are carried out to ascertain that licenced Maltese operators are properly fulfiling their obligations in terms of the remote gaming regulations.

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