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Our team of professionals keeps abreast of tax incentives mostly tax credit incentives that become available from time to time by the Malta Enterprise Corporation in Malta. We advise our clients when a tax credit can be availed of, ensuring that our clients do not miss on incentive legislation that may be applicable to them.

Services include:

The aim of the Micro Invest scheme is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises to invest in their business by providing a tax credit equivalent to 45% (or 65% if the undertaking operates from Gozo) of eligible costs incurred by the applicant. This scheme is available for businesses operated by self-employed persons or by companies as long as the eligibility criteria are satisfied.

Tax credits under this scheme are granted only upon presentation of invoice or receipt in relation to the above costs and are capped at € 50,000 (or € 70,000 for enterprises established in Gozo, a business registered as Family Business and enterprises which are mainly owned by females) over a rolling period of three years.’

The aim of the Investment Aid scheme is to assist eligible businesses in Malta to invest in their operations. This scheme applies only to companies engaged in eligible activities when setting up a new establishment, to extend the capacity of an existing establishment, to perform a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment or diversification of the output of an establishment into products not previously produced in the establishment.

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